At the early age of twelve, Kelly Shami worked at her fatherโ€™s jewelry shop in New York Cityโ€™s infamous Diamond District on 47th street. She learned to craft together pieces and work as a salesperson. She later attended the School of Visual Arts for graphic design & continued to pursue a career in design with numerous editorial publications & clients.  Never being able to stray away from jewelry, she created a line combining  her personal style & from living in the world's greatest city.  

After only a year in the making, the brand has evolved in a cult like manner by those who want covetable jewelry with a little bit of a spin.  Collaborating with brands like Nylon Magazine, The Fancy, Urban Outfitters, + more have shown to be that this is only the beginning.  The brands aesthetic is to always remain a bit aggressive with a good amount of finesse, while still embracing the female power.