Welcome to 2017, where every woman is a superwoman. Mothers own multi-million dollar businesses, female teenagers are more aware than ever in terms of politics and spreading meaningful messages, 'housewife' isn't even a term anymore, and while the list goes on women can do anything they want, even better than men could. I'm not saying that it is a battle, in 2017 men are feminists too (if you weren't aware). It has become the norm for women while having a salary or hourly paid job to still carry out passion projects that usually result in magic. Don't ever doubt yourself, and that is what today is about. Never give up on an idea big or small, even when you just chipped your fresh manicure while pulling an all-nighter. I'm right there with you, for all the women who are paying the bills, taking no bullshit, and still looking damn good. I'm proud to be apart of that. What would even just one day be like without us? Celebrate yourself not only today but everyday. Happy #internationalwomensday ♀